Our Companies

Over 45 years ago, Nance Manufacturing was founded to produce quality products at a fair price for the aerospace industry. Our initial goal was to expand our capabilities through acquisitions. We soon developed a new state-of-the-art machine shop that specializes in serving the industrial and agricultural markets. This proved to be a successful business model, so we further expanded our capabilities and markets. Nance Manufacturing purchased Prairie Belting, Inc. (previously Morrison), which is an industry leader in the manufacturing of agricultural and industrial belting and conveyors.

The next step was to open a new division called Prairie Rollers, which specializes in the manufacturing of agricultural and industrial rollers. Most recently, Nance Manufacturing purchased Q Corporation, an OEM serving the electronics industry with packaging and test equipment for sophisticated electronic components. These strategic acquisitions have created an expansive integrated organization that works closely together to achieve the goals of your business. With this vertical capability, Nance Manufacturing can reduce price and lead time while improving quality. Our goals moving forward is to continue expansion into the ever-changing global markets, while diversifying our product line.

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