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Prairie Belting, Inc. (PBI) is committed to providing the highest quality products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. It is our mission to continually improve manufacturing processes and quality, while developing new and innovative product lines that meet specifications and standards of today and tomorrow. Prairie Belting, Inc. ensures customer satisfaction by maintaining a high level of product quality, expanding long term commitments, and building close business relationships. We realize on-time shipping and award-winning technical service all play a key role in supporting the quality aspects of our business. We meet or exceed customer expectations with all aspects of quality manufacturing, service, and support.

From the original OEM 3-ply polyester/ nylon baler belt construction to the development of high performance “filament yarns,” which replaced the industry standard “spun fiber” construction, Prairie Belting has always been a leader in product technology and advancement. Prairie Belting was the first (mid 1980’s) to manufacture a premium “fully rubber covered” belt for combine headers and swathers, using high tensile filament yarns when the industry standard was canvas. Our innovations throughout the years have set a much higher performance standard for the demanding applications and equipment produced today.

“Our Roots  Grow Stronger in the Heartland of the USA.”

We are also your number one resource for technical information and support. Our tech specialists have years of working knowledge regarding the engineering of almost all equipment models used today. Whether you need assistance in selecting the proper belt style or fastener, or help in troubleshooting specific issues with your equipment, Prairie Beltings is ready to provide you with information not generally offered (or even known) by other belt distributors or manufacturers. Our technical wisdom comes from years of working with OEM’s and understanding their equipment from the inside out. Prairie Belting, Inc. utilizes exceptional quality, on-time delivery and continuous improvement to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Belting Proudly Manufactured, Fabricated, and Packaged in the U.S.A.

Agricultural Belting

Agricultural Belting Proudly Produced
in the Heartland of America

Prairie Belting is a company committed to manufacturing world class belting for original equipment manufacturers and their replacement markets. Our roots in producing agricultural belting run deep.

“Innovative Performance Standards with Uncommon Equipment Knowledge and Technical Support.”

Round Baler

Our innovative and patented 3-ply polyester-nylon belt was developed and designed in our facility back in the 1970’s. It is a belt construction which is still the choice of original equipment manufacturers today. Fastener retention, elongation (under load), length stability, and belt tracking are key factors in optimizing baler and belt performance. Prairie Belting produces both mechanically fastened and endless belts. As an OEM supplier, Prairie Belting also has molds and tooling to produce every OEM round baler belt surface design, including Diamond Top, Continuous Chevron, Low Profile Continuous Chevron, Chevron, Mini Rough Top, Rough Top, Self Cleaning, and Smooth.

Swather and Combine Header

This product line started in the 1980’s with the engineering development of a true swather and combine header belt (not canvas) that incorporated full rubber covers on both sides of the fabric. It gave greater fabric protection and less slippage of belt to drive roller. Prairie Belting was the first to develop and produce this product line using high-performance multifilament polyester instead of “standard spun” construction. Cleats and V-Guides are hot vulcanized to maximize durability.  Prairie Belting’s innovations have set a much higher standard for the demanding swather and combine header applications of today.

Combine Pickup

Prairie Belting’s combine pickup belt line stands alone for tensile strength and durability. A 100-lb multifilament polyester is the heart of our pickup belt line. It’s basically a heavy duty baler belt construction packed into a pickup belt package. No pickup belt on the market compares with the tensile strength of Prairie Belting. Our line of Swathmaster belts also includes a much taller cleat (5/8”) for increased carrying capacity and higher performance. Only Prairie Belting vulcanizes a fiberglass rod inside our rubber cleat for added belt stability.  Our nylon (not your standard plastic) double prong tooth is engineered for extreme environmental conditions of heat and cold. Optimal flex and excellent recoil are standard features in our special nylon formulation.

Power Mergers and Windrow Inverters

Popularity for this type of hay equipment continues to grow. Many of these units are large in nature, using both combine pickup and combine header belt technology. Prairie Belting has played a large role in producing specialty conveyor belts for these manufacturers. Belt fabrics, thickness, cleats, v- guides, hole patterns and teeth all play a key role in generating top performance by the units and belts.


The workhorse of a grain tube conveyor is the conveyor belt. Prairie Belting produces a Premium 2-ply Continuous Chevron x Bare Bottom construction, which sets the standard in the market today. The Continuous Chevron surface is aggressive enough to carry a product up steep inclines, while releasing the product at the peak for superior “self cleaning.” The bare fabric bottom side assures minimal drag (coefficient of friction) for easier start-ups and lower running tube temperatures caused by friction.


industrial Belting

manufacturing strength

Prairie Belting , Inc. manufacturers a variety of light-weight conveyor belting styles. From a diverse line of traditional smooth cover general package handling products to a full line of steep incline styles  which provide a high coefficient of friction surface,Prairie’s expertise and manufacturing makes for a quality broad based partner for your light-weight conveyor belt needs.

“Specialist in Manufacturing a Variety of Incline and Highly Aggressive Belt Surface Impressions.”

Our manufacturing strength may also be found in the specialty aspect of our industrial belting lines. We are known worldwide for our original equipment work in areas of Amusement Parks, Log Flumes and River Raft Rides, Airports and Port Authority, Bottling, Lumber, and U.S. Postal Service.  Cotton Gin Flashing, Potato, Grain Tubeveyors, Wallboard Production, Ship to Shore, and Dock Loading Expandable Conveyors are additional product lines produced for applications requiring specific rubber compounds and fabrics to maximize performance and wear life

If you are looking for a belting supplier who can vulcanize and manufacture slabs, rolls or individual belts to your specific applications and requirements, give Prairie Belting a call.

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